August 6th, 2016


YAY, it's Happy Saturday....

a beautiful day to just enjoy the day. everything is coming up roses, indeed!  I'm happy because i paid all my bills. YAY.   Had fun last night at the radio club meeting.  We then went out at Hannan's chinese restrurant. yum. won ton soup. yum yum.
Then fed my pal oreo cookies till he gained about 10 lbs, and me the cat went to sleep. Tried to sleep in, but puring and cuddling kind of prevented that from happening.  but, here we are. what better way to wake up than pay bills. YAY. boy, aint i something........An idiot, yeah, i kind of think so at times. why am i happy over paying bills?
But, here we are, so enjoy the day.
I'm off