August 2nd, 2016


The coloseum is packed with spectators....only 3 more days...

I hope it turns out ok. Yesterday, was thrill a minute Monday. Did Blue Monday laundry,  gave my filing cabinet to my pizza driver friend, and ended with having dinner with my neighbor. What more could i ask for!  Now Tuesday, is a different story. the big heat wave of 2016 is coming back at us, i could already tell when i went outside: felt like opening up an oven. yuck.
I should pick up and saw some branches from the backyard, but may wait and see just hot muggy it does get.
I was going to pick a summer read book out, but decided i have a couple new ones i haven't even read yet.
ok, held the cat, purred at him and scratched him and told him, Yes, he really is a small lion. So time to get going. Oh, the cat let me sleep in today. YAY the Cat.
I'm off