July 28th, 2016


See, she's happy I'm back.

I decided to finally break down, and go to the emergency room to find out if i have pnumonia. Ever since my stomach acid got into my lungs, things haven't been the same. sweats, caughting and feels like a fevor. well, I got down there at 10PM and they listened to my lungs: nothing!  "What???" What's going on here?  so they took blood samples ( they left enough for me to get by on) and then an X-ray. I got there at 10PM and I was done at 12:15AM. all the tests came back normal.  So, I called for a ride home. The cab company didn't answer their phone!!!  So then proceded to call my new pal who i know would be up at this late hour: he didn't answer either. I guess everybody was sound asleep.  Till I thought of my neighbor: she answered on the second ring. She couldn't get to sleep!  She came down and presto. I got home and the cat was glad to see me.
It's great to have people who are special in your life. I have been so blessed.......
ok, back to normal, but no pneumonia. Yay.
I'm off ( but feeling healthy too)