July 22nd, 2016

Boys be boys

it's TGIF. and muggy it is.

I wish i were 11 years old so i could pop onto my bike and ride through "everything" wet and wild. like sprinklers and the neighbors hose. ah. so here i sipping hot coffee and typing away at a computer. sigh.....being grown isn't all it's cracked up to be.
But there is always the TV. I'll leave the radio out due to its being like the GOP: dead. Nothing going on and pointless prattle.
Now for TV, i have "John Carter", which i may watch tonight. "Ryan's Daughter", still haven't watched that or "Where eagles dare". Good movie.
oh, its grocery day too. Yay me.  How long does it take a gallon of ice cream to mealt when its being transporter in a hot car??
oh well.
I'm off