July 11th, 2016


Where did they all go???

LJ reminds me when another bloger's birthday is coming up. Wow, i hadn't realised how many of my friends are no longer here. Belldandy's account has been deleted. I hope for a good reason. the list is getting longer. i hope cell phones are not the answer. one should not give up one set of friends for another.  of course, user net folks are long gone. Remember the Lostlurker? Happy FiT?  they were fun to read and know.
I will keep the friends i have here on LJ till the cows come home!
so for my weekend, i couldn't decide what movie to watch: The Forest , or the 5th wave or some other movie I haven't seen. But oh my gosh. what ever happened to the $2.95 per movie prince???  $5.95 seems a tad too high, doesn't it?   If i waited a month, I bet I could buy the DVD for just about twice that price, and own it!
but, what to have and what to just watch.
Ok,  I'm off