June 27th, 2016

Boys be boys

I'm back!!!

yup. I discovered a nasty, self duplicating trojan that just loved my regristry. and how. i had over 30 lines of junk. only way to remove it, was to do it over again. fomat the hardrive. hated to do it. but we're back up and adam.
now today, even if it is 80 plus degrees, i'm going to get a haircut so i can become beautiful again.
and call furnance places. yuck.
for those who really don't know what a gravity furnance is:  first off, there was coal fired furnances, you shoveled coal into the furnance and then upstairs you had a control that allowed you to open the vents. I still have a place in the dinning room where our control was placed. then, we moved up to fuel oil. things got a whole lot better: you didn't have to shovel heavy coal in the middle of winter. Then, we had rich people like us, who converted fuel oil furnances to natural gas. yay us.   and we've been happy for the last 60 years without any breakage.
till now. Now everybody wants to sell me a new furnance. aint going to happen.
 so, off to the clipper lady.
I'm off