June 14th, 2016

Boys be boys

soggy Tuesday.

But, at least it's warm.  somewhat warm.  I spent an hour yesterday ( waiting for a phone call that never came)  watching "X-BOX 360" on Spike TV.  all i can say about the new games is, busy busy busy. with oodles of graphics that most often don't make much sense.  But that could be me.  the cat let us sleep in till 10AM today. and we needed it after last weeks terrible weather-effects on me. I'm still waiting to see what the damage might have been.  yuck. and not one drug in sight. but, Dr. Meow-Kitty said to toughten up. I'm sounding like a sissy to him. :( this is the meow kitty's view of me). well, he's wrong. ouch is ouch.
but i should be going. i need to find "Belldandy007" and "CupKate"s mailing address, if i still have them.''
I'm off