May 29th, 2016


yes, it is almost summer time....

wow, what a beautiful day. the third day in a row i sat on the front porch. yay.
I'm begining to do firsts. I watched three movies last night. Now thats something for me.  I got hooked into "Jurassic World",  "30 Days of Nights" and "The Wolverine".  This was the second time I watched them.  "30 Days" was special. Sam Ramni, Rob Tabler, Chloe Smith and Phillip Glass. All except Phillip were involved in "Xena The warrior Princess". YAY.
but, i also have another new habit. The cat has a "LAP" schedule, i must follow. Daily.  Right now, he is sound asleep, inches from my right hand. good cat.
Ok, time to pet the cat.
I'm off.