April 25th, 2016

Boys be boys

lets go fix the internet connection.....

gad zooks! But, at least Comcast had the information on line to help me out. when i could connect, that is.
i watched a great hockey game last night. the New York Islanders. 2 over times. they made the first round. now tonight, my Blackhawks. play a must win game.
otherwise, it's a sunny Monday and no, i do not have to do the laundry.
I had Rich D over yesterday afternoon. and got a real treat. "Did you know Rich D snores?" I do now. Did you know if your holding a can of coke cola and drift off to sleep, you are apt to drop the opened can on the carpet?  YAY. Never a dull moment. But on the good side, we got to open up a new roll of paper towels.
Thanks fo Seawasp to correcting me on Chysa parents. Now where in the world did i ever get the idea she was the daugter of Michele Philips????
i guess i should get ready for the nice quiet, gentle rain we're supposed to have later today.
ok, i'm off ( of watching anything political)