April 22nd, 2016


sad, how some of the important changes that happen in the world, involve the death of a

loved one. I couldn't believe when i saw the news yesterday afternoon. so young.
R.I.P. Prince.
TGIF is sad today. hopefully the rest of the year is much much brighter. ( no political debates, please!!!)
Today is edit the first draft of the newsletter. need photos and graphics.  hard to come by.  Everybody uses "smarty-pants" phones, and there's not much call for large photos.  So they say.
I re-watched "30 days of night" last night. Wow, it was almost staffed by the folks who brough us "Zena".  Oh, i made a mistake. Chysna, the wrestler who passed away yesterday, was not Michele Philips daughter. sorry for the confusion.
ok, I'm off