April 20th, 2016


Yes, thats Alduin flying through a snow covered mountain range.

I wanted to prepair you all for the weather to come.  Lets see, 81 or so Monday, yesterday 48 to 50. Wow, so much for short sleeves.
But its still a nice day.  I did not watch network TV yesterday till i found out who won the primary. I had this fear the cruze and the bernie might walk away with it. but, no. New Yorkers do have comon sense. Good for them.  as one gets older, wizdom can find a home in ones thoughts and heart.
So today, i roll out the carts, all three of them. YAY. I wonder if i should tell the truck drivers to bring a lunch???
they can handle it.
So, instead of watching network net last night, i watched the X-finity open channel fest. I watched " 30 days of night."  I have never seen that before. and low and behold, Rob Tabper and Sam Ranni were involved in it. 
tonight, i'll watch "Arise" episode 4. should be interesting.
ok, I'm off ( really!)