April 19th, 2016

Boys be boys

the first day of 80 degree weather since.....September 2015.

and it felt good.  i decided, i could either rake and pick up the side yard, or get a hair cut. it's too nice to rake and sweat. So i got me a brush cut and walked up to the Jude's barber shop.  it was beautiful. Then i got home, and plopped my butt in the front porch chair. and enjoyed the non-snow, non-icy sidewalk day. a good day to wave to my neighbors and the mailman and papa johns

Delivery guy. but, we lost our 80 degree weather for the rest of the month. mostly upper 60's. thats ok with me. as long as no fur pants.
so i'll try and make goulash today. or as i call it, garlic-lash. i always over do the garlic.
yesterday, the ground beef had not completely thrawed out, so today is the day. keep your fingers crossed.
ok, i'm off