April 18th, 2016

Boys be boys

well, i guess the shorts can stay on and the hair cut is a go.

yes, spring is here and it aparently will stay.  We hope.
So today, i get a hair cut, if i feel like it. I've really over done work wise the last few days. it was worth it and i'd do it again. yesterday, i reduced the microwave carton so it would fit in the recyle cart. i visited with my neighbor as we watched her squirrels hunt for more peanuts. i offered her my jar of peanut butter, but she's going to think about it.
i was going to make goulash today. i took the ground beef out of the freezer at noon yesterday. it's still froze solid like a brick!  always knew i had great freezer.
i guess one more day will be ok. It's tax day. YAY.
ok, i'm off