April 16th, 2016

Vidal two

it's Happy, sun filled Saturday.

ah, spring is in the air. now to clean up the yard. YES. i got the yard waste tags yesterday. there was only 2 people in line at the customer service counter. So now, when the refuse truck comes this Thursday, there will be 3 carts  to be emptied. YAY.
Once again, i forgot to get stuff i needed at the grocery store. but thats just human nature. if i got everything i needed, i wouldn't have to go so often. ( twice a month is often?)
i've got to see about getting Final Fantasy XIv. I think. Now that game must have been out for quite some time if they're up to XIV.
I had fun with hockey last night. well, old time hockey anyway. The Detroit Red wings got their clock cleaned and there was a doozy of a fight near the end. i've never seen so many helmets and hockey sticks laying on the ice. the goalie was picking them up.
Time to go and enjoy the beautiful weather before the next snow storm moves in.
I'm off