April 13th, 2016

Vidal two

we lost electricity last night.

it happened just as i reached level 44 in skyrim. I wonder if there is any connection?? i mean, it was dark. had to use a flash light to make sure we were ready for bed ( I'm refering to the cat, of course). it was. then at almost 12:30AM, it came back on. my neighbor called me to see if i knew what had happened. i assumed Mr.Squirrel once again decided to nest in the sub-station panel and got zapped. it happens once every few months or so. and it wasn't even fun. i have no battery powered radio. so we were really in the dark, light and informaiton wise.
but all is well today. except my cell phone. the battery dropped to zero. i guess lollipop isn't as good as they all say it is.
ok, i'm off