April 8th, 2016


it's TGIF...YAY. Happy Friday.

that means its only 3 days till Happy Monday and we start all over again. YAY....
So today i have to make room in the kitchen for a new addision to the kitchen. a new Microwave oven. YAY. my other microwave, finally, after many years of fathful service, gave up the magnetron ghost. sad to see him go. Am really glad he went quietly. The last microwave I had almost caused a fire. it went pop, with smoke and sparks. but not this trusty one. nope. i made my morning oat meal, no problem, then tried chilli for dinner, and nothing......it just closed its diodes and went to electronic land. boo hoo.
Finally got the club minutes finished. I still do not know everybody's name, but i'm getting there. so today, is adventure day. design a newsletter from the ground up. should be interesting, even though the current software offerings seem to not offer creative titles. sigh. changing times. what, isn't there any talented artists left?
ok,  i'm off