April 3rd, 2016

bonsai Tree

so much for spring.

snowed so hard yesterday, i couldn't make out my front porch! temp dropped from 40 something to 27. sighn. oh well.
At least I had a hot-water-cat to keep me warm. ( works both ways).
I had a shocker yesterday: I couldn't find "Chadwick Farms" on Google. They're the great farm company that makes horseradish. yum. every Easter, we'd have Ham and bashed potatos and of course, Chadwick Farms Horseradish.  I could not find them. I did find Frenches horseradish, but i bet its not the same.
 so today, i'm going to munch on a handful of cat food, without horseradish. Scooter the cat is keeping an eye on me.
Did you ever go grocery shopping and come home and say, " There's nothing to eat?". sigh. Thank goodness for "Papa Johns". all of the drivers know me by name. Life is good.
ok, I'm off, ( really!)