March 29th, 2016

Mojo JO jo

Yes, MoJo JOjo is still here.`

I guess he is wondering why we put up with all this wife-to-wife non-sense.   He's more interested in how to beat the Power-puff-girls than get elected. Smart Mojo.
Boy, we sure got a lot done yesterday. I had my lunch bought for me by my pal at the Burger King. Then we looked over the toilets at the plumbers shop. I don't know how i contained my excitement, but i did. wow, then, when we got home, he hitched up my rear speakers. Yay.  Now i can hear Wood's Brian Sterling in glorious doby 5.1, surround sound.  This definetly is a kodak moment!
Today is laundry day.  oh the joy.
guess i should be going.
Oh, it's processor's birthday on Thursday. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY" Processor, where ever you may be.
I'm off