March 20th, 2016

Geneshalf all anim

Happy Sunday.

The Cat struck again!  He woke me up way too early, for a Sunday, just to scratch his ears!!  The nerve.  But that gave me time to cut onions, press garlic and trim the roast. Yes, i trimed it. You know, a "little" bit of fat on a roast is a good thing. A lot of fat is not.  But its on the slo cooker. can't wait till the aroma fills the house.  i'm also charging both the cell phone and the PS-3 controller. Wow, both were emptied at the same time.
The first day of Spring, which means, fall and winter are behide us. so why is only half of spring here today?  the sun is out and very few clouds. but the temp is in the mid 20's. Spring?? I think it needs more practice being spring.
so lazy Sunday is here. now it's your turn. lay back and relax.
I'm off.