March 19th, 2016

Geneshalf all anim

That animation up there is from the anime, "Geneshaft".

So here we are. all happy, fat and sassy. YAY.  and, more importantly, IT"S SATURDAY!  Ok, settle down. Now I start to plan on how to make tomorrows roast. Meijers didn't have any cornbeef .  Gee, you think being the day after St.Patricks may have had something to do with it?? You think!
Oh well, I got a roast instead. it was on sale: 90 %  and 10 %. thas 90% fat and 10 % meat. sigh........ oh well.
but yesterday turned out great.  I discovered getting older means your memory goes to heck. I called my credit union and a bank to discover why there was a charge on my account. I did it 2 weeks ago, but forgot about it!  YOU BIG DUMMY!!!
Boy, talk about having egg on ones face.
after that, it was all down hill. got groceries and spent way more money than i had wanted to, but i got good stuff, like oreo cookies, hersy bars and milk.   Then to make Friday in Lent complete, my neighbor asked me out for a Lent fish dinner, at Fat Boys. yum. Oh, and i got a box of girl scout cookies!  Made with real girl scouts!!!
ok, I'm off