March 8th, 2016


Yay, it's election day Tuesday. long lines thrown in too!

at least thats what the newscasters are saying. What's it going to be like come November?
Well, hopefully, the end to all this Juvenile behavior. Fat chance.
So today is searching day two or is it three?  I have a list of stuff i'm looking for, and it is not shrinking. But it does keep me busy.
I had a dripping bad time with my allergies yesterday. sneezing, itching eyes and runny nose.  Spring is here.   and lets not forget the outdoor critters. they mostly all showed up sometime yesterday looking for something to munch on.
ah, and here comes the rain. Wow, from 15 degrees to 60 something, all within a few days. now all i need is Mr.Arthritis coming to visit...
I'm off