March 4th, 2016


it's TGIF and also, "HAPPY FRIDAY". winter is crawling out from us. YAY.

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<p><xml:namespace ns="livejournal" prefix="lj"><xml:namespace ns="livejournal" prefix="lj"><xml:namespace a="" anyway.="" before="" busy="" can="" car="" day.="" drive="" driveway.="" drivway="" first="" go="" gorcery="" he="" i="" into="" is="" my="" of="" prefix="lj" shovel="" so="" store.ns="livejournal" thats="" the="" think="" today="" tot="" we="" what="">LJ is acting up again. Yet. Well, here we are, another happy Friday. YAY us. busy day for me. shovel the driveway, go to the grocery store, go to the club meeting and record the proceedings. if it aint one thing... But, it looks like maybe we&#39;ve have the last of our MAJOR snow storms. HA HA HA.
I should my rights, be practicing cooking corned beef. but, i can wait. maybe my new range will be installed by then. YAY. One should always get a new range every 45 years. or fix the old one. I didn&#39;t watch the republican debate last night. so i slept like a baby. ah.....
ok, time to get going.
I&#39;m off</xml:namespace></xml:namespace></xml:namespace></p>