March 2nd, 2016


Finally, "Super-Dumb Tuesday" is over with.

Nothing on TV, cause they don't know how to report news stories anymore, so I listened to my new CD, "The Best of Origa". She's that wonderful, dynamic range voice that sang so many of the themes from Mamoru Oshi's movies. ( Ghost in the shell, ect) I waited like 2 years to get the CD. Japanese imports are expensive. But she passed away last year at the age of 34 from lung cancer. What a shocker! It finally came down 10 bucks so I got it. it was well worth the wait. she is much better on full cut albums than just single themes.
So today, time to shovel the snow. yesterday I went out to do that, but my neighbor had already used his snow blower to clear a path and did my side walk too. what a nice guy!
of course Wednesday is also the day I start practicing cooking corn beef. Saint Pat's day is coming up quickly.
Lets see how it sounds: President Trump V.P. david duke war secretary ted nuggent.

I'm scared!!!

I'm off