February 29th, 2016


YAY. The last day of February. So here comes the snow?

Yup. started last night, first rain then changed into snow. the 57 degrees dropped to 32 and is still dropping.
I managed to learn more about my smarty-pants phone. Wow. some neat computer they have there. I watched, ever so briefly, the Oscars last night. glad to see George Miller won some Oscars for MadMax. and, Ridley Scotts film about the trapped space dude.

I found a new fun TV series to watch: The GOP sweating bullets over The Donald's mercurian rise to the top. this is great fun. now the big shots are trying to figure a way of beating him. As the song goes, "Too late the Hero".

So today is tired Monday. the cat snored and woke me up so I got up. and saw snow on the ground. wish I had went back to bed, but now I'm up and adam......darn it!
ok, I'm off