February 28th, 2016


pretty Sunday!

Yes, I know. that sounds real corny, but its true. it's almost 50 degrees outside, the last of the snow that fell Thursday is melting away. and the next system is fast approaching. YAY. melt one away, bring on another. Sigh, it never ends. Had a surprise lunch yesterday: my neighbor offered to get me a "FATBOY" Hamburg at "FATBOYS" restaurant. That's one of two great places to eat in my neighborhood. The other being The Cheshire grill. That was fun to get out without sled dogs pulling me through the snow. I then came home, finished the laundry and watched "Montalbono". Tonight is the Oscars and hoping those folks who weren't even nominated get an Oscar. Like Ridley Scott. Dream on.
So today is quiet Sunday. just enjoy the day, moment.
I'm off.