February 26th, 2016

happy me

See the handsom dude? Thats me. I'm the author of the slow selling blog, "ME".

I thought, since I haven't a chance in heck of making a "FAST BUCK" on my blog posts, I'd try to post some eye-candy. Didn't work, did it!
oh well. I tried. it is better than that circus they called a "republican debate". I call it a circus and a preview of things to come, should any of these puppets get elected.
ok, so yesterday I braved the 10 inches of snow and shoveled. Not because I wanted to, but I had to retrieve the carts. The garbage trucks actually got stuck in front of my house! and it's a flat street!
But all the snow will be gone by Monday. Then return mid-week.
Had a nice chat with a few friends yesterday using my "SMARTY-PANTS" phone. Hey, I can actually answer incoming phone calls! WOW.
Had a scare late yesterday: a friends on FaceBook heard her brother had been shot in that Kansas shooting. I think he's doing better. but that's close to home.
ok, I'm off