February 25th, 2016


now thats a lot of snow on bare ground!

wet, heavy, and no where to put it. For the first time in history, at lease over here, a garbage truck got stuck! I thought my neighbor's F-110 was stuck and he just had a bad muffler. nope. a big old large garbage truck spinning his tires in 10 inches of wet snow. poor. not one neighbor came out to offer to give him a push. you know, put your back against 15 ton or more garbage truck, traveling on a straight road! Next up, the recycle truck. Yay global warming! I wonder what the modified biosphere is going to present to us??

Now I'm going to finish this and see about shoveling a path for our loyal mailman. he deserves it.
It is, indeed, HAPPY THURSDAY. Hark, do I hear the sound of hoofs of reindeer on the roof?

I'm off