February 24th, 2016


winter storm warning???

yup. and the old wind sure is howling out.  and cold. On days like this, i love to pull the covers over my head and go back to sleep till, say, Friday!
Actually, it's been a great week. Started out with me getting a head cut, buying a new cane and making an appointment for the plummer to make a house call. Then yesterday, the plummer made my day. fixed the old, outdated facets and showed me to update my sink and toilet. Yay me. Then my neighbor gal brought me lunch, from her mom no less.  Then, wait for it, my friend Lee pulled up in the drive while the plummer was leaving. Wow, when it rains!!! Then, not done. Rich D stopped over to help me get to know my smartypants phones. Wow. it's quite something.
ah. today is wait till the wind dies down. then it's cart roll out day.  busy week. oh, and order my cardboard kitchen cabinet. Yay me.
ok, i'm off