February 23rd, 2016


Yes, I know. that Icon is my Christmas Chul. That's how the next few days will feel like.

Christmas is just around the corner??  Oh well.   Gee, I got everything done yesterday I planed on doing plus got a new cane. Yay me. and it's wood. not one of those aluminum jobs. Got hair cut, called the plummer, ( waiting on him as i type) and called the vet. three times. no answer. I'll call her again today. the cat is getting better. we're back to curling up on my lap and going to sleep. i feel much releaved to see that.  decided on the kitchen cabinet and range. closing in on the toilet. but the vanity for the bathroom.........
So today is Happy Tuesday so far. oh, and one of my favorite sunday comics has introduced a gay gal into the cast. Good for them. about time they got real!
I'm off