February 22nd, 2016

Few Clowns short

dull Monday. YAY us.....

tired. was up most of the night worrying about the cat. He started to hold his right paw and would let out a yell if he walked on something that hurt him. I was going to take him to the animal hospital, but with no yellow pages. it would be a little hard to find out their hours. so i waited and watched and held the kitty. then called vet this morning.  Surprize! He's acting a tad more like his self, but stiff favoring his paw.
Today was going to be get a lot done. call the plummer, get a hair cut and hold the cat, like i normally would. one out of 3 isn't bad. he jumped up, gently, and we had our normal quality time. yay us.
so, yawn, time to get going.
i'm off