February 20th, 2016


It's Happy, warm, sun shinny Saturday.

and that means work stuff outside. yuck.  Had a pretty good workout at the grocery store. had to go all the way across it to find bath soap!  then, while eating Lentil soup for dinner, my neighbor brough over a valentines present of chocolate. yum. No, I didn't stop eathing my soup.  Then busy flipping through the channels so i could catch 1. Off the Record, from MSU. 2. PBS News hour with their political commentary of Brooks and the other guy, and 3. the newest kungfu pandra. and they're all on the same time slot.......so, click click.  finally, stayed with PBS News hour.
So now happy Saturday, i will not watch the TV today. too much political non-sense.  Montalbano night. YES. or Downdon Abby.   it is hard for me to get interested in a 6 season show.   Now, if it was like "SOAP", yeah, I can see that holding my interest.
ok, time to go and say....."TigerDirect " is back. in a different product model, but they're back.
ok, i'm off