February 18th, 2016


the coloseum icon was made specially for me by "Processor"

No idea where she has gone to. Miss her though. heck, i miss all of the old gang that was here. we went from newsgroups to LJ and now.........smarty-pants phones and FaceBook.  I wonder whats next?
So, Happy Thursday. the cat is doing something different now. I think he's feeling his age. He not only jumped up on my lap, but promply fell asleep.  For 1 1/3 hours!  I had to wake him up to go to bed!  the nerve of some animals!
Today is finish up things day. like, pay some bills. yuckie poo.
and tonight, Montalbono. yay. I had to buy his shows DVD. they're only broadcasting his shows on a pay-per-view schedule. which is ok, considering all the other material they have.
and don't forget garbage cart bring back up day. more yuckie stuff. but the warmer weather is upon us now through Monday. yay, i guess?
ok, i'm off