February 17th, 2016


ok, this is "Happy-Cheerful" Wednesday

That's for Yuri!  Well, meow kitty and I slept in till 9:58AM. Now thats a long time to sleep, but I'm also staying up much later at night. this is a good thing. I can get a long more accomplished if I'm not answering the phone, hearing about the latest deal for U-verse.  But it's now official. AT&T and I are no longer a couple. we're kaput!! YAY, jumps up and down on the table doing his happy dance.
I've only been with them for 50 years and they treated me like crap!  They have repeatedly demostraited they are incapable of being my phone company. All they do is drain my savings account and provide me with so-so service.
and now to celebrate, I'm calling the plumer to fix my leaky faucet. If it aint one thing....
Wednesday is also roll the garbage cart out. YAY. I wonder what would happen if i did my "Happy Dance" while rolling out the cart, so my neighbors could see me and judge my abilities.  you never know..
ok, I'm off