February 12th, 2016


yes, it's Bubblegum crisis time.

With all the programing time slots availible, you'd think one of the cartoon networks would air the older series.  Live action is ok, but i do believe kids and adults would like to view the older flicks.
so today is "Happy Friday". Happy, because it is going to get so cold we can all stay inside and make chilli. YAY US!
While there's nothing on tv worth watching, I'm just glad I fired up the old "Beta-Max" and video taped all the Donald Trump debates. YAY ME. I'll share too.
For tonights surprize dinner, I'm thinking of having Red Miso soup with tofu. I'll let you know how it comes out.
I did start watching "Downdon Abbey". My pal loaned me season one. it looks interesting, but so does "Game of Thrones". I have to watch that too. Good thing i have Xfinity.
It's also day 10 of me using a "Smarty pants" phone. interesting. for some reason, we had to re-boot the thing in order to get the text to receive????
but it's right as rain now.
ok, time to go for a SECOND CUP OF COFFEE ( thats for Frank!)
I'm off