February 11th, 2016

Geneshalf all anim

ah, there's nothing like sleeping next to a warm, furry, cat.

specially when he is currled as close to you as he can get. ah....and on a cold morning and night too.  Today, is happy cold Thursday. I get to dress up in all my cold weather togs and go and put my neighbors recycle cart back in her yard. then hopefully, bring mine back on the porch. yes, you read right. on the porch. have you ever tried to move a cart with frozen wheels?  not fun in cold, freezing rain or snowy weather. and today, we have just plain, snow and cold.
I just checked, and my Udon bowls are on their way here. Yay. now I have give them a try. of course it's not like it would be if they ( the noodles) were fresh. but i think we only have maybe two or three Asian restrurants that may serve Udon.
so, today is just to stay warm. that is a chore in itself!   Got my cell phone rebooted last night. for some reason, it needed that. now everything is working and we downloaded 37 updates. yikes. good thing we were linked to my wifi.
ok, time to go.
I'm off