February 9th, 2016


In memoria of the late, John Entwhistle. The bass player for the WHO.

we were talking about Bass players and who was your favorite Rock bass player. Of course Sir Paul McCarthy comes to mind, but there are so many outstanding bass guitar players out there, it's a chore to try pick out one. of course, this is going to be based on our own favorite player, for our own reasons. and then, theres John Entwhistle.  I think he sounded like a cross between Jimmy Hendricks and Jimmy Page. just listen to any early Who tunes. listen for the bass. His fingers must have bled after those trills. Listen, don't look at old video tapes of his playing. he stood very stoic and you didn't know he was playing till you watching his fingering. and that, boys and girls why i picked up the string bass. i could handle it.
we do have a local talent, who is very gifted and loved his playing. you have to love what your doing in performence playing. you sure won't cash in on it. LOL.
ok, I'm off