February 8th, 2016


6 days and counting.....Roses are red, violets are purple, I love you like......

well, something like that. Happy 6 days till Valentines Day.  Will you get nutrious chocolate??? or a sweet nothing card?
only your sweety knows for sure. as for me, I'll probably be holding the cat, while waiting for the great and terrible blizzard of 2016 to strike. Yes, we are behind schedule for a good, old fashion blizzard. you know, 7 feet of snow fall in one hour, temps drop to 10 and then the snow lake effect machine kicks in. ah.....but to dream......to build snowmen....to get hit by a roaming snow ball....
But really, it is  "HAPPY MONDAY". I can enjoy the day like the cat: cuddle the day and scratch behind its' ears. ( kids, don't try this at home!)
My hunt for motherboards and combos is getting me some results. only some. just keep going.
so it's time to start looking for bathroom vanities. arrrrrgggg. gosh i hate doing that!!! oh well.
I'm off