February 7th, 2016


Well, red up there is still guessing what she'll get for Valentines day.

I suspect a dozen Roses, which she may try and eat!  just kidding.
So today is happy Sunday.   Superbowl Sunday. Which I may check into from time to time. I have other work to do. and then there's level 40 in skyrim to deal with.  and Udon nooodle soup to look forward to. exciting day to say the least.
I've already held the cat and he is on look out for his neighborhood pals. All of them.
I've stocked up on some food, since the big ARTIC front is supposed to drop down this way this coming week. from 40 to 13. YAY global warming. Do you suppose we can get that Senator to throw another snowball on the senate floor??
ok, time to move on.
I'm off