February 2nd, 2016


yes, thats little goku up there. he can't believe what he just saw on the TV last night.

I can't either, cause, I didn't watch the networks either. yay me!!  Busy Monday is gone! but got oodles accomplished! Not, as for Tuesday. That all depends on the temperature. if it gets warm enough, i'll try my hand at cuting some really heavy carbord. and i do mean heavy.  So, President Cruz, with vice- president Palin or Huckebee???  how about bill O'Riley. The spin gets everybody dizzy??
ah, time to watch Godzilla and clear my mind of this non-sense.
Winter has started its nasty return: it feels like 20 degree's outside. and the ground hog.....well lets just say I'm having ground hog stew for dinner tonight.
Scooter is getting old. He now likes to jump up on my lap, and promply lays down on my chest and goes to sleep. So my new role is petting a sleeping tiger and whislpering nice things to him....

ok, i guess.   why can't i jump up onto somebody's lap and fall asleep on their chest and have them scratch my ears??
it's not fair i tell you.......

ok, i'm off