February 1st, 2016


interesting week.

said goodbye to January. Way too many people we knew passed away. and yes, they will certainly be missed!
This week, i get to wish my pal a 96th birthday wish; he wants to talk with me using morse code. this should be fun. when one actually has to think about what they're going to say, they think it over first!
also, do outside work before old man, nasty winter returns on Wednesday.  Hey, I did order the storm, remember! i finally get rid of my flip phone for a smarty-pants phone.  actually, a hand held computer, but don't repeat me. you might start a argument.
I also need to live one whole day without the TV being turned on. I will not watch the stupid political non-sense. come back in November, I'll tell who I'm voting for.
probably, the cat!  Don't tell the dog.
ok, time to go and see what he's up to and re-do measurements.
I'm off