January 31st, 2016


Yes, not only are the dragons coming back, but so is winter.

I have a slim chance of breaking up that nasty ice thats cloging the drive way. but i'll have to do it by Wednesday. that's when old man winter comes back. eventful week. First off. this is the last day of January. Yay. Too much celebrating and way too many obituaries. Amen!
Finally, received the first issue of my vampire tv series. YAY ME.  and it was only $100.00 off!! 
This fatigue is driving me crazy. I wake up, supposing, fresh as a daisy, and feel beat??  this just started this past year. its a condition that comes with A.S.  Yuck say, is there anything else it comes with??
So, today is clean up Sunday and listen to "Leo Laport"   The tech guy. he's on at 3PM on wood radio. the only program worth listneing to.  Then, 9 or 10 to 11pm, wgvu's FM 88.5 program, "The Hearts of Space!"
ah, oh, don't forget to read the funnies!!

I'm off