January 30th, 2016

Mickey Mouse

after watching the nightly news for the last few weeks, having mickey Mouse up there is

just a nice fit.
so i got my miso tofu soup mix yesterday and Udon noodles. hmmmm. which to have to dinner??
my chop sticks are ready.  and i have oodles to do before then. laundry, rip up cardborde boxes and maybe pay a few utilities bills. The cat was very generous this morning. He actually let me sleep in till 10AM!  Wow. and on a Saturday too. i discovered i missed my pals 96th birthday last week. 96!  Wow. just think what he's lived through.  Wow. i can't imagine!
i already held the cat and now he's patroling the bedroom window.
ok, time for me to get with it.
I'm off