January 29th, 2016

Badgrls anim


aha, we all made it to Friday and the begining of the weekend. YAY US.  I'm going to celebrate by cleaning the house and the cat. ok, me too.  I didn't watch the republican debate last night. YAY ME again.  I elected to watch " 12 to the moon" and "Battle in outer space". The first one was a 1950 attemp at showing what "THE MOON MEN" could do to us because we are such a violent people. The second one as also about "MOON MEN" wanting to take over the earth and make us all slaves.  "Do you ever get the idea that aliens are not all that smart?"  But we won both battles only to get transported to the past in Jules vernes Valley of the Dragons. I had an eventful night.
yup. and now here we are, TGIF. YAY.  The weather isn't going to cooperate with us though. snow, freezing rain and rain. yuck.
ok, i'm off