January 28th, 2016

Mickey Mouse

Yes, it's Mickey Mouse time! another Republican debate tonight.

Good thing "Blood+" the tv series seems to be back on the market. one can have some entertainment. I enjoyed Flint, a national crisis last night on MSNBC.  i also got angry and upset when seeing our state goverment drag its' feet.
Enought. Today is HAPPY THURSDAY. Yes, that means we ( I actually do the work and the cat supervises me from the bedroom window) roll up the carts and see if my de-icer did its work.
The cat decdied that 8:20AM was late enough for me. so I got up. He just jmped off my lap after taking a mid-morning snooze. Cats.
so i guess i should be going. see if my deicer actually worked. ha ha ha

i'm off