January 27th, 2016


The Icon I'm using today, is of John Entwhistle's album, Smash your head

against the wall. John, the bass player for the WHO, is my favorite bass player. Yes, more than paul McCarthy. the riff's he could sound was simply amazing.
So, the world has almost gone crazy, but there is a ray of hope. The armed stand off in Oregon is over. YAY.   Trump doesn't like Megan. Double YAY!  I don't like eye candy on TV either! and there sure is lots of it out there.
i just spent a whole two days trying to contact the Michigan Treasury dept to let them know a mistake I made and how i should go about correcting it. HA HA. Tee Hee.  now thats a good one. I had better luck asking Scooter the cat or even Franklin!
so today is busy day for me. carts packed, rolled out, snow shoveling and watch "THE H-MAN".
Ok, I'm off ( my rocker?)