January 23rd, 2016


Roast Saturday.

yup. I woke up ( fell out of bed after the cat pushed me) and put all good stuff in the crock pot.  yum.I can't wait to have the aroma waff towards me.  Should I eat it, or just smell it??
Today, Sunny Saturday, is cold and just the ticket to spend on the internet looking over kitchen cabinets. what fun.
I may even watch the entire season 1 of Downdon Abbey. all 6 hours of it! Wow.
Got a lot of yummy  stuff at the grocery store yesterday:  onions, garlic, celery, carrots, tatters, and yes, oranges. oh well. at lease the milk is cool.
it felt for all the world like i was coming down with the flu yesterday.  sure felt funny. it was that way most of yesterday. then i slept right through it till 9:45 AM today. felt much better.
oh well. if it aint one thing........  next up, the shingles vacine.
ok, I'm off