January 21st, 2016

Vidal two

Yay us. only 45 days till spring??

Say, did we just say that about the coming of winter?  Today is horrible Thursday. Horrible because i have to roll up the trash cart and re-shovel the drive way in antisispation of going to the grocery store tomorrow.   lets see, over here in Michigan, we have gasoline prices as lost as $0.48 per gallon. wow, the world sure is acting crazy and just because of China and Opec. well, more than just that.
Oh, to celebrate the almost coming of January thraw, ha ha ha, I ordered new suspenders. YAY ME.  I also am continuing my search for large appliances: kitchen cabinet, bathroom vanity, range. ect.  i found or should i say, spotted a kitchen cabinet that looked really nice. Till I looked inside of it. partical board, no nails or screws holding it together, just staples! I don't think so.
still hunting.
So, i'll just sit here and drink my morning coffee and wake up. I've found thats always a good thing to do the first thing in the morning.
i'm off