January 20th, 2016

Vidal two

aha, A January thraw???

Nope. just not as cold, thats all.  See, me and Seawasp think alike. I came this close ( imagine my fingers almost touching) to starting to watch Dragonball.  I once again got dissappointed while watching Dragonball Z Kai.  What a disaster!
Today is cold but liveable outside Wednesday. Yay us. I have carts to roll out and a drive way to shovel, if I can.
I am once again looking over Apple laptops. wow, they sure are thin!  and expensive!
Over here in Michigan, our Governer gave his State of the State speech last night.  It simply confirmed for me why I haven't voted for republicans in a long, long time.
On a nicer subject, my Dr. wants me to get a shingles vaccine shot.
I guess that would make my vaccines complete for this year. yay me.

ok, i guess i should get the old shovel out and whistle while i work....

I'm off