January 19th, 2016

Vidal two

Yes, it is that time.....to watch "Dragonball Z"

You know the kind of weather, cold ( it's 5 degrees right now) and will warm up to 20. maybe. but snow, blowing snow and that is just the atmosphere to watch Dragonball Z in.   or if you perfer sand, Fist of the North star.  go ken go.
well, got an A-OK from the Dr. yesterday. he's happy and almost did his happy dance on the examining table when he checked my blood presure. it's way down and under control. He did try to get me interested in Humera. but i'm not interested. Heard too many nasty things.
So we got home only to find out I had scared my computer into almost working normal. My CPU was being used 100%!  only, nothing was running to cause that.
Today is Happy delivery day. I get my Canadia pea soup. Habitate. YAY me. it's been almost 40 years or so since i last had it. yum.
So today is back to looking over appliances. YAY me. the only thing funner is having a root canal.

ok, i'm off