January 18th, 2016


Busy week ahead.

Dr.'s appointment today.  then maybe a shippment. Maybe. Start to make up strange grocery list.   Did i mention that the temp is only 9 degrees. and will befor the next 24 hours?
I'm certainly glad i shoveled last week when it was musshy out.
No, i did not watch the Democratic debate. I'm all debated out for this election cycle. I say, bring on November. Please. and will someone please feed the orange thing on top of The Trump's head!
over the weekend, i had my third Jimmy Johns sandswitch. they do seem to grow on you.  but today is definetly a hot soup day.  Lets see, lentil, Canadian Habitate pea soup or some nice thick tomato soup with just a dash of  hot sauce.
so, i should get going.
i'm off